5 affordable beauty products in Gwyneth Paltrow’s routine

Brahm Buck

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her glowing complexion, so any time she opens up about her beauty secrets, we’re all ears — especially when some of those secrets involve affordable bestsellers.

The Goop founder is open about her love of expensive beauty treatments, like bee venom therapy or vampire facials, which don’t always match our wallet. But in an interview with Vogue, she shared her skincare regimen and we were surprised to see some budget-friendly picks make the cut.

To get the scoop on how Paltrow’s go-to products stack up, we reached out to Dr. Marisa Garshick, a

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Instacart shoppers demand answers over wrongfully deactivated accounts

Brahm Buck

Freedman, who is based in San Diego, signed up for the service in November 2020 after staying at home for years to take care of her kids.

“I loved the flexibility. I liked the money. It was good exercise — I was enjoying it,” she told CNN Business.

But in late March, Freedman was abruptly kicked off the platform she had been logging into daily to shop for and deliver groceries. An email from Instacart informed her that her account was “linked” to another account on the platform, a breach of the company’s contractor agreement, according to a copy of … Read the rest

The best Korean skin care products of 2021: What is K-beauty?

Brahm Buck

Korean beauty, or K-beauty, is a growing trend in the U.S., thanks to TikTokers and other social media influencers showing off the innovative and effective products.

Ryan Sullivan, co-founder of The Beauty Spy, is on a mission to spread knowledge about K-beauty and its benefits. The Beauty Spy is a bit of a middle man for K-beauty products, and Sullivan told Shop TODAY that’s because for a long time, it was difficult to purchase Korean beauty products if you didn’t live in Korea.

“People were hearing about this stuff in America, but they couldn’t get their hands on it,”

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Rosie lowers accessibility barriers to online grocery ordering

Brahm Buck

Dive Brief:

  • E-commerce provider Rosie has met specific criteria to ensure people with disabilities can use its online platform, the company said in an emailed press release on Thursday.
  • Rosie, which serves independent grocers and wholesalers, highlighted several of its accessibility features, including compatibility with screen reader technology, a high-contrast option and the ability to shop and place orders with the use of a keyboard. Additionally, the e-commerce platform also allows shoppers to remove moving images, also known as gifs.
  • Rosie said it is one of the first grocery e-commerce providers to meet Level AA of the World Wide Web
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Bridge Street Exchange adding location at Somerset mall with focus on barware, grooming products

Brahm Buck

FENTON, MI — A men’s specialty store based in Genesee County is adding another location at a luxury shopping mall in Metro Detroit.

Bridge Street Exchange, 104 S. Leroy St., in Fenton has been in operation for seven years.

The shop offers legendary brands of clothing and accessories, such as Stormy Kromer and Carhartt, premier men’s grooming products and specialty gift items.

Now, the business will have a second location at Somerset Collection mall in Troy where its inventory will be focused on barware, grooming products, gift items and seasonal clothing. The new location is set to open by June,

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