11 TikTok Video Ideas for Merchants

Brahm Buck

You’ve downloaded TikTok and browsed the videos. Now you’re wondering what content to create for your ecommerce business. There are many types of videos to attract leads without dancing on camera.

Here are 11 ideas for all types of merchants.

11 TikTok Ideas for Merchants

Show off orders. Showing a business’s orders piling up has become a TikTok trend. The audience doesn’t care if you’re in a huge warehouse or at home. There’s something satisfying about seeing orders come in and packages going out.

TikTok user @itsnatalierogers creatively shows a line of orders, below, for her small business.


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Oro Upgrades B2B eCommerce Tool

Brahm Buck

Oro has announced that the latest iteration of its B2B software platform, OroCommerce, will be faster, easier to use and easier to develop for than previous versions of the software, according to a press release.

The West Hollywood, California, company said in the release that it is planning demonstrations in March.

“Driven by our embrace of open-source technology and feedback from our global community of users, OroCommerce 4.2 represents an important step forward for B2B digital commerce,” Oro Chief Technology Officer Dima Soroka said in the release.

According to the release improvements

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Niki, the multilingual voice app helping Indians shop online

Brahm Buck
Despite a rapid rise in the number of Indian internet users who don’t speak English as a first language, 60% won’t buy online due to language barriers, according to a 2017 report from accounting firm KPMG and Google (GOOG). One big challenge is using English keyboards for local languages, the report says.

Niki, a voice-enabled e-commerce platform, is trying to solve this, providing a virtual assistant that lets people use voice commands to do their shopping, pay utility bills and book tickets online. Users speak to the app in their preferred language, requesting products or services. Niki … Read the rest

The 9 Best Body Makeup Products of 2021

Brahm Buck

Remember when the closest thing to covering up a mysterious purple and blue bruise or the tiny wrist tattoo was with a glob of concealer or pantyhose that weren’t a very convincing skin-tone match? Luckily, times have changed. Beauty brands have heard the cry for body foundations good enough for even the oiliest of skin types and can last throughout the day with little to no wear or smudging from our ever-moving limbs. 

According to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, body foundation formulas are quite different from the foundation you blend onto your face. After all, they have to be

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Fauci rejects possible shopping around between three vaccine choices

Brahm Buck

“We’ve got to get away from that chain of thought,” Fauci said on ABC. “The only way you really know the difference between vaccines is by comparing them head to head.”

Availability of the J&J shot is expected to accelerate the number of people fully protected from Covid-19 once the company ramps up production later this spring.

The vaccine is expected to be easier to distribute and administer than two cleared by the FDA in December. It can be stored in a refrigerator for long periods, while the others must be kept at far colder temperatures.Vaccine Tracker: More than 236

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